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Your all-in-one toolkit for product management, powered by AI. From generating product requirements to crafting insightful user personas and business model canvases, UserTale makes planning and executing your product strategy effortless while minimising ambiguity.

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Business Model Canvas Generation

The Business Model Canvas (BMC) is a strategic management tool to quickly and easily define and communicate a business idea or concept.

Comprehensive User Story Generation

Generate user stories with a comprehensive set of fields. This includes a description, pre-conditions, triggers, user experience, post-conditions, and acceptance criteria.

Ghkerin User Story Generation

Ghkerin is a very simple english-like language, that you can use to describe requirements or acceptance criteria. The main basic format is as follows: Given (context), When (action), Then (expected result).

User Persona Generation

A user persona is a fictional representation of your ideal customer. You will start the design process by conducting user research - building empathy with your target users and identifying exactly what they need from the product you are designing. A persona is generally based on this user research and incorporates the needs, goals, and observed behaviour patterns of your target audience.