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Your all-in-one toolkit for product management, powered by AI. From generating product requirements to crafting insightful user personas and business model canvases, UserTale makes planning and executing your product strategy effortless while minimising ambiguity.

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Transform text into multiple choice, true/false, or fill-in-the-blank quizzes automatically with Yippity’s AI-Powered question generator

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AutoMailman is the modern solution to crafting impactful emails. Whether you're composing a new message or formulating a precise response, our AI-driven platform streamlines the process, ensuring clarity, professionalism, and engagement. Simplify your email communications with AutoMailman, your digital writing assistant.

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AI-ssociate is meticulously designed for founders and entrepreneurs. Whether you're looking to draft a compelling company narrative, delve into a business model canvas, or perform a robust SWOT analysis, AI-ssociate merges revered business methodologies with AI precision. It's not just a tool—it's your strategic partner, streamlining your entrepreneurial ventures with clarity and vision.

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Empowering marketers, PR professionals, and content creators with AI-driven content solutions. From SEO-optimised blog articles, to Feature Announcements in a newsletter, WriteWise crafts compelling narratives tailoured for success.

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